Claris FileMaker

We develop, maintain and provide hosting for your Claris FileMaker solution.

Maintaining a FileMaker solution incorporated into your business workflow can be a difficult and time consuming task.
Sometimes a solution can be hard to maintain and update, especially if the person or company who originally designed the solution has ended their service. We provide the service you need to backup, migrate and update your solution.

Development of a Claris FileMaker solution is more than just database schemas and pretty buttons. We design solutions from a strong analysis of your current business workflow, and seek to provide both a scaleable solution and intelligent business automation with every solution to harvest the benefits of integrated workflows.

Choosing a hosting provider for your Claris Filemaker Server over hosting at your own location, frees up company resources spend on hardware maintenance as well as physical rack space. We provide hosting on either the macOS or Windows platform to match your needs. Choosing a hosted FileMaker Server provides an easy to access online solution with your company DNS records making connecting to your solution as easy as browsing the web, opening FileMaker Go or FileMaker Pro from any internet connected location in the world for the user.